Convert Markdown to PDF in a snap

Typesetter is a PHP-based tool that can be used as a PHP library or via the command line to convert your markdown to PDF. Customize the layout with print media CSS and embed high quality images and illustrations.

Install the PHP CLI and make your ebook
composer require typesetterio/typesetter-cli
Check out the Docs for more. Need inspiration? See the Example E-Book project.


Typesetter is free and open-source software. Two PHP packages are combined to create an easy-to-use command line tool for authors to create ebooks and any other use for converting markdown to a PDF.


Full Github-flavored Markdown Support

By default, Typesetter uses GFM to support some of the most common bits of functionality you're used to. You're not locked in, though. Through an observer, Typesetter makes the underlying package league/commonmark available for you to customize.


Industry-leading PDF Creation Software

Speed is important - especially when processing large ebooks. Memory usage is also important. Typesetter uses the venerable MPDF library to generate your content. Most of the MPDF features are supported!


Fully Extensible

The main Typesetter library is made to be used and extended in your projects. If you're just creating an ebook, you can still customize your content generation through a combination of Listeners and Observers in PHP.

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Have a ton of markdown you need to convert into an ebook as a PDF? Typesetter is the tool you need.

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